Work has finally picked up on the Eclipse. After taking a month to locate and purchase the correct transmission, everything has been going steady since then. Today is the first day I’ve actually gotten to drive the car since purchasing it, although I still have a bunch of work left to do until I’ll be happy with it and deem it ready to sell, it was still nice to take it for a spin.

So far, the work done / parts replaced is as follows,
Transmission replaced with a known good unit from a local auto recycler w/ 3 month warranty
9 Quarts of SP III ATF
New front pump seal
New axle shaft seals
New lower ball joints
New front brake pads
Cut front brake rotors
Engine oil & filter change
Replaced passenger rear tire
Removed cheap aftermarket headlights and crappy wiring
Installed OEM headlights and front markers
Removed VHT Nightshades tint from rear tail lights & marker lights

The work that still remains,
Replace left front caliper seal
Repair gear selector
Replace/repaint poorly painted interior trim pieces
Balance remaining three wheels
Replace fog light bulbs
Find replacement center cap for 1 wheel
Find replacement front bumper emblem
Possibly replace or repair and repaint passenger front fender
Polish and wax the body

With any luck, most of that list will be completed by the end of next week. I suspect the fender repair or replacement will be the last thing done as my decision will be based on how the rest of the body turns out after the polish and wax.

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