History By CARtifacts

What is a “cartifact” you may ask? Why it’s an artifact found in a car of course! Foreign items, things that are not supposed to be in the vehicle, can sometimes shed light on the history of a vehicle, the validity of a seller’s story or both. Such is the case with my ’52 Cadillac. Upon its purchase, I asked the seller what history he knew about the vehicle. I already knew he had owned it for about 6 years and during that time he did various repairs to the car, all of which were mechanical. I was told by the seller that previous to his purchase, the car sat in a garage in New Hampshire since the early 1960’s. The seller had some expired documentation dating from when he purchased it 6 years earlier from the state of New Hampshire. It was unfortunate that he had let it expire before obtaining the new paperwork for the vehicle, this would prove to be an aggravating task for me to resolve as its new owner.