Good Find

I stumbled upon this 2001 Chevy Silverado 2500HD 4X4 last spring on Craigslist. The listing was very short and did not include any pictures, to sum it up it was listed as “Needs motor, still runs, good tranny, 4WD, tow hitch, power windows”. There was no phone number, so I fired off an email to see if there was a chance of getting any pictures and to find out if it was a 2500HD or a 2500, since the ad did not specify.


300,000 Mile Club

On March 16th, 2011 at approximately 5:30pm EST, the Jetta hit 300,000 miles. What a milestone, I wish I could take credit for it but most of those miles were put on by the previous owner. The engine is 100% original with only normal maintenance done to it, as well as the rest of the car with exception to the transmission, which was rebuilt at 231,542 miles, then replaced with a 5-Speed manual by me at 296,173 miles. The 5-speed I installed had 228,280 miles on it at the time of installation, so it’s a little “younger” in terms of wear and tear, but not that far behind.


Five Alive!

Houston, we are go for launch!

Project complete, test drive successful and I have already put a couple hundred miles on the car. I could not be happier with the outcome, although its somewhat involved, there is a good amount of information online to help you along the way, I found it useful even when deciding if I wanted to purchase this vehicle.

I do still have a small list of things I need to do, some will be happening sooner than others;
.: Cruise Control Wiring
.: 20% Window Tint
.: Install Panzer Full Metal Jacket
.: Manual TDI Coolant Glow Plug Wiring
.: Dual Blinker Mod
.: HID Retrofits
.: Coil-over Suspension (maybe)
.: Audi TT “Fat Five” Wheels


Out With The Auto, In With The New

The time has finally come to do the swap, winter break, a week off from work and more than enough time to complete the swap and do a few additional odds and ends, well that was before we got hit with 21″ of snow. Hopefully I can continue making progress tomorrow and get the 5-Speed bolted up into the car so I can lower it down and start doing the interior work that needs to be done.

So far, the first afternoon was spent removing the engine and trans from the blue TDI and getting things cleaned up.

The next morning and first full day was spent ripping into the green TDI, draining the necessary fluids, removing brackets, wires, hoses and everything else that needed to happen before dropping the trans. After lunch, the real fun began in the form of removing that crappy VW Automatic. Once the trans was out I had to call it a day do to a birthday dinner I had to attend, but overall I was please with the progress for the day.


Two For None

Well, this post is going to cover a few weeks of events but all along the same topic. After purchasing the Green ’00 TDI, I started my hunt for parts and/or doaner cars. I prefer buying doaner cars because you not only get EVERY little nut and bolt you need, you also see how things were assembled and you have the opportunity to make some, or in my case, all of your money back off of the parts you don’t need.

Approximately two weeks into my hunt, after pricing out the parts individually, I found yet another Jetta on Craigslist. This one was a ‘99.5 Jetta GLS VR6, 5-Speed car with a bad engine about 40 mins from my house. I made arrangements go check it out and before ya know it I was trailering home another Jetta.